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Sharon, Freddie and Vijay
Minneapolis, MN, July 2006
Vijay Singh, Choral/Jazz Director
Associate Professor of Music at Central Washington University

J.W. Pepper at Fargo, North Dakota August 2006
Randy Jensen, Linda Schmidt, Alicia Baumgartner

Wingert-Jones/J.W.Pepper, Kansas City, MO
Missouri Music Educators Association 2006

Freddie meets an old friend and mentor of Tiffany and Sharon
Bob Jones, Fine Arts Director
Truman University
MMEA 2006

Freddie thinks Global Connections Rock!
Missouri Music Educators Association Conference 2006

MENC President, David Circle
MMEA 2006

George Class hosts a J.W. Pepper book signing.

Freddie and his New Jersey J.W. Pepper friends, 2006.


With my 2nd graders, we play a game where I show the flashcard to the class and I choose one person to come down, say the name of the note to me, then they must take the mallet and hit the correct note on the xylophone.  Since most classroom xylophones are labeled with note names already it is fairly easy for them to identify the correct bar to strike.  With 3rd grade and up, we use the piano. I first label the piano keys and then after they are used to it I remove the labels.  They love it and ask me to play the game constantly!  --Jana Prawl, Matzke Elementary, Houston, TX

Lesson 3: Brief review of six treble clef notes.

Sing "Hello, Freddie" to greet Freddie. Freddie says he does not think the students remember his story. Reassure him that they do and ask the students. Use the flashcards to "show Freddie" that they remember. It may take a little cueing to transfer the story to the flashcards, but the students understand the correlation uickly.

Continue to review Freddie's story with the flashcards in each successive class. It takes less than 30 seconds once the students understand the correlation. Once the students feel connected to Freddie, he is a wonderful tool for introducing new concepts, transitions, etc. Students love to give Freddie a hug as they leave the room. Of course, Freddie is most comfortable when the students are in a quiet line when exiting!




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